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Why I'm Running

Georgians deserve to live in a State where everyone can prosper.  The incumbent House District 56 Representative (Democrat) often doesn’t support her party and votes for Republican sponsored bills, thus not representing the values of her District 56 constituents.  The incumbent House District 56 Representative has the #1 worse voting record in Metro Atlanta for supporting fellow Democrats and #2 across the entire state.  
Living in Georgia my whole life, I have served as an Educator & Entrepreneur while engaging with the community in an effort to improve lives. I have witnessed many of my neighbors in District 56 experience the humiliation of being underestimated, overlooked, and marginalized. Electing Keona Jones to the legislature will restore representation that is consistent with our community values. 
From The Audubon to Atlantic Station, From Bankhead to Buckhead everyone deserves to have access to quality healthcare, equity in education, and demand that our votes are counted. 
I am running for the Georgia State House of Representatives as a proven leader & public advocate, who is passionate about the success of District 56. Simply put, I am for the people.
Let’s work together in uniting the great State of Georgia.
In Your Service,
Keona Jones


  • Education
  • Health
  • Voting Rights
  • Economic Prosperity